Mother’s Day is in approximately 2 weeks, and while mothers need to be celebrated everyday, it is especially important to take this day out to recognize and appreciate the nurturing nature and love of mothers all around the world.

It is important to acknowledge also that Mother’s Day can come with so many layers, and emotions, especially for various kinds of people in distinct phases of life, and with different experiences, and we must be sensitive to that. However, hopefully we can still celebrate motherhood and its impact on frankly, everyone of us. Asides your biological mom, your mom figure could be anybody who has played a mom role in your life, strengthening you with their love and affection, even in your toughest moments.

We have collated this article so that you don’t have to think about creative ideas that would help you celebrate the mother figure in your life. You also have enough time to be able to make most of these happen, so get reading right away!

1. Gift her flowers

Flowers have never been and will never be a bad idea. Think of gifting your mum a bouquet of flowers with a thoughtful meaning that resonates with her person. For example, pink roses symbolize grace and gentleness, and if those are the first words that come to mind when you think of your mom, then you can gift pink roses to her. Try including a thoughtful note that relates the attributes of the flower, to how you feel about your mom.

2. Take her out to brunch

Let’s be honest, there aren’t that many people who don’t love brunch, so you absolutely cannot get it wrong with this option. Think of a nice and aesthetic restaurant, with tasty food, and a lot of variety, so that your mom can be spoilt for choice. Taking her out is also a good time to bond and spend quality time with her.

3. Get a creative gift

The first step to gifting a thoughtful and creative gift is thinking of your mom’s likes, dislikes, and especially, her love language. For example, if your mom’s love language is quality time, then like we suggested above, try taking her out for brunch or for a sip and paint class, if your mom’s love language is words of affirmation, think of creating a jar of hand written notes of affirmation, which she can read often, if your mom’s love language is acts of service, consider getting her a kitchen equipment that would make life easier for her, or help her with some tasks around the house, so she has some free time to herself. You get the gist! The recipient will always greatly appreciate a thoughtful and/or creative gift.

4. Book a staycation

Yes, you can absolutely book a staycation in the same city that you live in. It can be for one day or two days, just make sure that you are filling the time with memorable activities and planning to have the best time with your mom. Consider booking a hotel with great amenities such as a sauna, a heated pool and/or a nice buffet, so that she can have the time of her life. Bonus- you can even decide to take her shopping close to the hotel for a few hours. Sounds like a goooddddd time to me!

5. Get outdoors or take a class together

If your mom is the active and outdoorsy type, then consider planning a hike together, or taking a workout or Pilates class. If your mom, on the other hand, is into more mellow type of activities, then consider a yoga or meditation class. It would be nice quality time to spend together anyway.

6. Do a DIY project together

Wouldn’t it be nice reminiscing old times by making tackling some DIY projects together? It could be reworking a clothing item to add a little spice to it, making some handmade artwork for the house, or crafting cards and little handmade gifts. That element of nostalgia, the quality time spent together, and the potentially amazing results of things crafted makes this option phenomenal.

7. Book her a massage

Nothing spells relaxation quite like RMT. Whether your mom has specific recovery goals in mind or is simply looking for a bit of R and R, a massage is a fantastic idea. At Evolve, our RMT, Andrew Burchell uses a variety of techniques to ensure that each of his patients has exactly the treatment they are looking for. Treat your mom to an hour or 2 of relaxation this mother’s day; book here.


Whatever the case may be, and whatever option you decide to go for, just make sure you are making the most of the time, having fun and celebrating the mom figure in your life.

DISCLAIMER: These posts should not be used to self-diagnose or self-treat any health, medical, physical or psychiatric condition. Information shared via posts does not replace professional healthcare advice specific to your condition and needs. If you are unsure whether you would benefit from implementing tools discussed in these posts, please contact your healthcare provider.