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Evolve Wellness Centre is pleased to introduce Clarity Breathwork and counselling sessions with Deedee Poyner at our Vancouver clinic.

Clarity Breathwork helps to activate the subconscious mind and uncover insights and awareness and that are not easily accessed through traditional therapy. Breath unlocks the energy channels in the body and allows us to release old energies we have been holding. This release may include anything from suppressed emotional material, physical blocks in the body, old beliefs structures and identifications, old memories, fight/flight/freeze patterns and/or addictions. Clarity Breathwork combines counselling and insight with an experiential practice where clients gain a deep level of understanding, release emotional baggage and actually feel the patterns shifting and transforming at a deep, cellular level.

We all know that just focusing on a deep breath for a short period of time calms the nervous system, alleviating stress and opening our awareness to different possibilities. During Clarity Breathwork sessions, clients sustain a full-body circular breath for 45 – 60 minutes while being professionally supported through counselling. Ms. Poyner also offers combination Breathwork and Counselling sessions, which integrate methods of talk therapy and mindfulness practice. This is a powerful way to access our subconscious as well as our superconscious; which is where we experience insight.

More traditional Counselling sessions without Breathwork are also available. Ms. Poyner is a Registered Professional Counsellor and utilizes Somatic therapy, mindfulness practice and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in her practice. These therapies work together and help her clients deepen their awareness of the connection between thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations.

“To be lost and fearful is not an uncommon thing, but it can bring life to its knees and seem insurmountable. In all this uncertainty of one thing I am convinced, and that is that the opportunity to heal resides in every heart. This journey is so profound and enlightening it is life-altering. I am so grateful and fortunate to have Deedee patiently, and with tremendous compassion, guide me towards my higher purpose.”
~ P. M.


We all know that focusing on deep breathing for a short period of time (“take 10 deeps breaths…”) calms the nervous system, alleviating stress. Clarity Breathwork expands on this, with clients sustaining full-body circular breathing for 45 to 60 minutes while being professionally supported through counselling. To learn more about this specific type of breathwork, please visit the official Clarity Breathwork website.

In a breathwork therapy session, you are able to access your subconscious mind, enabling you to explore underlying patterns creating and feeding your stress. Awareness and presence will start to unravel your stress patterns as you develop perspective-supporting insights.

Breathwork therapy brings awareness to how the ego mind works. This is the part of your brain that locks onto a problem and starts ruminating, thinking over and over about whatever has triggered you. This activates the sympathetic nervous system — your heart rate rises and your muscles start to tense. In a breathwork session, you become aware of this pattern, and with awareness there is an opening to change the pattern.

Ms. Poyner supports you in a way that that ensures you are in charge of the session and process. You will be supported in breathing through whatever comes up.

We recommend an average of 10 sessions to experience the best results. However, breathwork therapy is an individual process. Each session builds on the place inside us that that has clarity, insight, strength, balance and love.

Clarity Breathwork will provide all the same benefits related to reducing stress and anxiety, as well as deepening communication with your baby. If you want to, absolutely try breathwork.

While anyone can benefit from counselling, it is especially helpful for people who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, grief, addiction, past trauma, PTSD, and problems with relationships. It can also be helpful for those whom traditional remedies have not been helpful for chronic physical pain, digestive disorder and other medical issues.

Mindfulness practice uses various techniques to help bring attention to our thoughts, emotions and physical bodily sensations. This can be introduced in meditation format and it’s often part of a Breathwork session.

Somatic therapy is a process of re-connecting the mind and body after traumatic events. This is done through a body-centric method, with a focus on the how our thoughts and emotions manifest in the body. Our bodies hold memories, and through awareness of stored tension and habits such as clenching, bracing, and nervous system fight or flight sensations clients can begin the process of unwinding and releasing.

CBT focuses on becoming aware of negative thought patterns and challenging them.  Awareness of thought patterns can release underlying suppressed emotions and body tension, and lead to the recognition that we can choose which thoughts occupy our minds. CBT can be integrated into both traditional Counselling and Breathwork sessions.

The session will begin with a discussion with your practitioner. You will then be asked to lie down and begin 45 minutes of the circular breathing technique, supported through counselling. Your counsellor will ask gentle questions throughout the Breathwork segment; this is to allow for an exploration of imprints and patterns in the subconscious mind. After gently bringing you out of the Breathwork portion the final part of the session will allow for discussion and further talk therapy.