BIOPHILIA- Humanities’ innate tendency to focus on life and lifelike processes, and to be drawn towards nature, to feel an affinity for it, a love, a craving – Edward O. Wilson

A few years ago, I started dabbling with preserved mosses and plants, incorporating them with natural elements into framed wall art. What started as a therapeutic practice for myself has since become my daily passion and full time job. Nature has a way of soothing our senses and grounding us. Being in the forest is a form of meditation for me. Creating moss art is another way I connect with my inner world and Mother Nature. 

There are many positive benefits of exposing ourselves to nature. Whether in our home, place of work or healing space. “[Nature] invigorates, rejuvenates, reduces stress, depression, anger and frustration. It improves our mood and physical health, enhances focus and clarity… promotes a sense of belonging, calm and acceptance” – Holistic Architect and Interior Designer Anthony Ashworth.

Even in the most vulnerable of times, during a medical procedure or health crisis, nature has the ability to heal. A patient’s sense of hope and well-being increases when exposed to nature art vs sterile white walls. The British medical journal states “Nature inspired Art is able to provide solace, exhilaration and satisfaction in a huge variety of different forms. Above all, it’s able to humanize a building, infusing an often soulless and impersonal environment with affirmation”.

“If an art installation gets a patient out of their room, take their mind off pain and lowers stress levels, the art isn’t just decorative anymore, it’s a part of the entire model of care”. -Dr Lisa Harris, Internist & Chief Executive of Eskenazi Health affiliated with the Indiana University School of Medicine. Imagine the positive impact of exposing ourselves daily to nature. Consciously designing and planning interior spaces to include elements of nature can evoke a sense of peace and foster self-care. 

Preserved Moss art is a form of biophilic design that infuses nature into your home or workplace and requires-

🌿NO MAINTENANCE – no spritzing or watering

🌿It’s REAL – but no longer living so it won’t attracts microbes or bugs 

🌿NON TOXIC – mosses & plants are naturally preserved with glycerin & dyed with food grade dyes for years to enjoy 

🌿SUSTAINABLE – All my mosses & plants come from sustainably harvested & regulated operations.

I find great joy sharing the calming energy of the forest with others through my moss art, extending its healing effects beyond the forest walls into their homes or workplace. I feel this each time I come into Evolve Wellness Centre. Come by and experience this for yourself.

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