The importance of lifting things properly cannot be over emphasized. From moving planters to picking up paint cans, lifting correctly is key to preventing injury. Here are a few tried and true rules for lifting safely and preventing back injury:

  1. Bend your knees to lift with ease.
  2. Stand close to the load to be lifted.
  3. Place your feet shoulder width apart.
  4. Bend your knees and keep your back straight.
  5. Squat down to the level of the object and test the weight of the load.
  6. Ask for help if the load is too heavy or awkward!
  7. Use the strength of your leg and arm muscles (not your back) to smoothly and slowly lift the load. Try not to jerk when lifting.
  8. Keep the load close to your body.
  9. Never twist your body while turning and carrying the load.
  10. Pivot to turn in the direction you want to move toward.
  11. Bend your knees and slowly lower the load to its new location.

If you’ve injured yourself while lifting, a chiropractor can help assess, diagnose, and treat the injury and get you back to moving pain free.

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