Holiday season is in full effect, and amongst other things, it means that there might be an increase in the temptation to fall off your health and fitness routine. You might make the convincing argument to yourself that you would get back on track in January. But staying consistent in your routines can actually positively affect how you are able to manage the stress of the holiday season.

Yes, there are going to be a lot of activities, and a crazy ton of food and alcohol, but you might want to read these few tips that can help you stay disciplined and healthy between Christmas and New Year’s.

Make smart food choices

You’ll have many obligations over the holiday period, but overeating at every single party or gathering isn’t one of them.

It is usually helpful to eat or have a snack before going to a holiday gathering. That way, you are not so hungry, and you can make better decisions as to what, and how much of the holiday goodies you want to eat. Also consider filling a reasonable portion of your plate with veggies.

Stay hydrated

We hate to harsh your holiday mellow, but drinking water is a healthy strategy for holiday gatherings.

It’s recommended that you drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. It’s also good practice to set limits on alcoholic beverages.

You don’t have to take a hard pass on the spiked eggnog or holiday cosmos. Just drink smart.

If you decide on drinking alcohol, be mindful of the timing, avoid drinking too late so that it doesn’t disrupt your sleep.

Get a good night’s sleep

A restful night’s sleep doesn’t just feel fabulous. It sets you up for success. It is beneficial to your mood, your stress levels, and overall good health.

Try maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, and you can also decide to add a relaxing bedtime routine that would help you in being consistent.

The holidays will leave many of us running ragged, which isn’t good on anyone’s body. Make sure you are not sacrificing good sleep for activities.

Think outside the gym

The nearest treadmill may be miles from where you are. So, if you’re on a regularly scheduled fitness schedule, you’ll need to get creative.

That could translate to squeezing in walks after big meals or calisthenics in the kitchen.

Do your best to get your exercise time in, no matter how small.

Don’t wait until January

A few bumps in the road don’t have to turn into a train wreck when it comes to eating well and staying active during the holidays. Get back on the straight and narrow road sooner, not later.

A small bump in your routine won’t wreck your progress, but consistently indulging in unhealthy habits for a week or more can make it significantly harder to get back on track.

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