Did you know that the changes in mood you feel with the switch in seasons can be explained by things going on in the body? Keep reading to learn more about this, in this blog written by our licensed acupuncturist and TCM doctor, Dr. Peter Wood.

The end of the summer is drawing near. We feel the cooling off of the searing summer
temperatures and the increasing rainfall. I love these dog days of summer. A lot of us have the
experience as we get back into the structured swing of life that we’re less inclined to push so
hard in our workouts, more reluctant to fit in those extra thousand daily steps.

What you’re feeling is accurate! According to TCM, Yang Qi, the active, warm component of Qi
has started its decline while the Yin, its passive, cooler counterpart becomes more available to
us. The seasons are broken down nicely within the Yin/Yang theory. Described as ‘Yang within
Yang’, or ‘Ultimate Yang’, the summer solstice boasts the most active, hot energy of the year.
It’s a time to bring forth the manifestations we’ve been germinating since the winter solstice of
‘Yin within Yin’. As we turn inward toward the fall equinox, a natural slowing down of nature as
it starts to cool, moisten and relax, preparing us for harvest and the ensuing storage season of
‘Ultimate Yin’.

I’m not trying to speed things up! I love the summer over all other seasons. The nudge here is
simply to not resist nature’s gentle pull out of vigorous physical activity and toward a state of
internalized nourishment. Sleep in a little more on the weekends if you’ve got the wiggle room.
As the sun spends less and less time in our sky, listen to that suggestion and start to follow the
sun to bed a bit earlier each day.

We are creatures of our environment, inseparable from nature. Go ahead and sway with it.
Your well-being will thank you.

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