On the blog today, we have a guest writer. Moving forward, we hope to have a variety of guest writers. Today’s guest is Nicolette Eus. Nicolette is a Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHt), a Certified NLP practitioner and a Certified Hatha Yoga teacher. 

Nicolette’s clinical hypnotherapy practice is here in Vancouver, where she works to help each of her clients overcome roadblocks, so they can achieve the overall well-being, happiness, and success they want. She is passionate about helping people make positive changes in their lives and supporting them in their healing journey. In this blog, she discusses clinical hypnotherapy and answers some questions you might have had about it. 

What is Hypnotherapy like? Is it hard? How will it feel? Will I remain in control? 

Honestly, I wondered about those same things when I decided to learn more about Hypnosis – something so old, and yet so new to the Western World. I began with a leap of faith and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to study at one of the best schools in North America, The Hypnotherapy Academy of America (now in Albuquerque, NM). https://hypnotherapyacademy.com 

The training was extensive and immersive. There was so much to learn and experience first hand. And after 500 hours of Clinical Hypnotherapy Training & Accelerated Healing and Pain Control Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapy, I was tested and certified by the International Board of Hypnotherapy. My intention was to learn something new that would enhance my own personal growth. 

Through the training, I developed a deeper understanding of myself and ignited a sense of wonder of how powerful the mind really is; how our body and mind are intricately connected and how they affect each other. Through the training, I felt like I had more control, more awareness, insight, understanding of choice, and more clarity about doing work that has a positive impact. What started as a personal journey evolved into a desire to make a positive difference by supporting others in their journey. After months of intensive training, I returned to Vancouver excited to begin my own practice. Fast forward 13 years and my practice has really grown. I see clients in person, in my Vancouver office, and over the past 2 years, have developed an online practice, connecting with clients from all parts of North America and Europe.  

Often, my clients arrive for a session exhausted, stressed out and feeling overwhelmed, having carried their emotional baggage for a long time. They’re looking for a way to let it go. Most haven’t really experienced or given themselves time for ‘mindfulness’. And that’s okay. I believe that when a client steps into my office, my job is to hold space for them to do their own work at their own pace; to help them begin to release that baggage and find some peace as they reclaim control of their life.  

Let’s face it – it takes guts to make change and through this work I have met some incredible, courageous and  determined people. The reasons someone is referred to me differ. Sometimes they just need a fresh perspective on a challenge or issue they’ve been wrestling with for a while. For some, it is a form of self-care. Others want to stop the external noise or inner critic (opinions, criticism, distractions, worry), and find stillness and quiet. Some want to make a change or free themselves of old belief patterns that have kept  them uncomfortable or stuck. 

Here’s an example. Many years ago, a man arrived in my office. As he sat down in the chair, he began to tell me about his fear of deep water. He was terrified to swim in water that was over his head. Ironically, he was an excellent swimmer, had taken many lessons and really enjoyed the water, as long as it wasn’t deep. As he told me about his life, he began to see a pattern of behavior he’d had for many years. He recognized that since childhood, he’d always wanted to protect and help his younger brother feel confident. He believed that meant he had to hold himself back from excelling or being better than his brother. He would allow himself to be good – but never great. Through the work we did, he gained clarity and recognized that this fear had held him back all his life and had affected all areas of his life. Then he understood that the fear of deep water was an extension of that limiting belief; he could be good at swimming, but not great. In that moment of understanding, he saw that it wasn’t really a fear of deep water that was holding him back. He decided to free himself of that old belief, now knowing that being great at something didn’t take away from his brother’s success or confidence. In fact, he realized his brother would be happy for him – and might even feel inspired  when he witnessed his success. 

So – the answers to the questions above are… 

Hypnotherapy is empowering. The experience creates a calm mind and relaxed body. It’s a process that requires desire for change and an open mind. Yes, the techniques do take practice, but like anything else, the more often you repeat them, the easier they become. When you feel more in control of yourself, your self esteem and confidence increase. You’ll believe in yourself, become more aware of how your body, mind and emotions are connected and feel more in control of your life. It’s true, we can’t control external circumstances or other people’s actions – but we CAN become more aware, less reactive, and more responsive.  

Sometimes all we need is a bit of help to get started on making changes for ourselves. What would you like to experience more of in your life? Is there an old belief keeping you stuck? Is it for you? Well, imagine how great it will feel when you give yourself permission to thrive and to experience the good feelings of living your life fully. 

Nicolette Eus, CHt, has continued her professional development, training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Inner Mind Sourcing and as an End Of Life Doula. You can check out her website and Clinical Hypnotherapy practice in Vancouver, BC at: