Faith is part of our office staff dream team.

In addition to greeting patients, Faith helps to manage the schedule for all Evolve Wellness practitioners, answers the phone and books appointments, orders and manages inventory and does sundry other things that keep Evolve running smoothly. And she does it all with cool elegance. Faith, we are thrilled to have you join our team!

Pronouns: she/her

Why Evolve? Because it’s a community of like-minded and fun individuals who genuinely love and care for patients, and for each other. The fact that we are all foodies makes everything better.

When I’m not at Evolve you can find me: Styling clients, running my vintage business, creating social media content, having a good time with friends, and fellowshipping at church.

I love working with our clients because: They are very kind and positive and they genuinely care about their health, both of which inspires me to be better.

Basic necessities for work: Mask, water bottle, food for lunch break, procedures manual, a smile and a positive attitude.

I’m concerned about: The homeless and those living below the poverty line, especially in underdeveloped countries like Africa. I am also concerned about the rates of violence against women and children.

I’m impressed by: People who can dance and love waking up really early.

Go-to morning drink: Water or orange pekoe tea, depending on my mood.

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